Spaghetti from our Italian Spot Thrives in San Antonio

Linguini Carbonara

Beacon Hill, San Antonio is a restaurant foodies hangout. Typical to the visitors and tourist hotspots, many flock to SoHill Cafe. Make a quick stop for the spaghetti and pastas because they are one of the few that still makes them by hand the traditional Italian way.

SoHill Cafe adds flavors to the spaghetti, fettuccine, linguini and pasta recipes handed down from the owner and specialty chefs.

As a result, this bistro is like art imitating life here. Making homemade pasta in Italy is an ancient art. We extend this little Italy neighborhood bistro of S.A. to those who appreciate this. The practice of a nice smooth and elastic dough makes every pasta plate scrumptious for sure.

“This keeps us thriving, and we invite all of San Antonio to continue stopping in. We depend on it.” ~ J.F. Poujol, Owner of SoHill Cafe and Julia’s Bistro & Bar