Bistro in Beacon Hill European Roots

SoHill Cafe is nestled in the heart of Beacon Hill in San Antonio, TX. Our location, which was once the home of hometown favorite Casbeers Cafe, has undergone a major renovation to create what is now SoHill Cafe. We are a neighborhood cafe with a trendy, yet cozy atmosphere, providing the local community a refreshing new spot to eat, drink and converse.

We pride ourselves on cooking with fresh flavors, and quality, non GMO, ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Our specialties include fermented dough pizzas that are baked in a wood-burning oven, homemade pastas & fresh salads.


Owner, Jean-Francois Poujol

Jean-Francois Poujol, Visionary

Jean-Francois is the visionary behind SoHill Cafe. His 25+ years experience in the food & beverage industry brings exceptional insight to both our operations and menu.

Originally from France, Jean-Francois, spent many years in Los Angeles, CA working in exclusive and high end restaurants, bars & hotels. During this time he mastered his attention to detail & perfected the art of providing exceptional customer service.

In the last decade, Jean-Francois, has made his mark on San Antonio as the owner of several successful restaurants including Soleil Bistro, Tost Bistro & Tribeca Restaurant.

SoHill Cafe is his newest venture & he is excited to bring this vibrant concept to the local neighborhood.

Chef Justin Limburg

Chef Justin Limburg

Justin, who was born in Germany, but grew up in Nuevo California, spent much of his childhood in the kitchen of his grandmother’s Italian restaurant. It was here where he first felt inspired by cooking.

“I have always enjoyed making pizzas because there are no formal rules, and the possibilities are endless on toppings and combinations” 

Chef Justin Limburg has been perfecting pizzas since 1999. He began his career working at Caioti Pizza Cafe, where he worked under Chef Ed Ladou, the creator of California Pizza Kitchen, and one of the fathers of the California pizza style of cooking. He then transitioned to Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill in Los Angeles, CA, where he started as a pizza maker & worked his way up to Sous Chef.

In 2016, Justin moved to San Antonio. Now, as the Executive Chef of SoHill Cafe, he is excited to bring his culinary experience to Beacon Hill!

“I love cooking for the instant gratification of being able to make someone smile with my food.”